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fabric cleaning wipes

  • Spunlace Non Woven Cloth Wipes

    Contact NowSpunlace Non Woven Cloth WipesSpunlace Non Woven Cloth Wipes offer a wide range of highly advanced needle punch and spunlace technologies to produce specific properties in an industrial wipe to match every industrial wiping requirement with the perfect nonwoven solution.Read More

  • Heavy Duty Hand Wipes

    Contact NowHeavy Duty Hand WipesHeavy Duty Hand Wipes are great for Mechanics, Industrial and Van Use. It can clean off virtually everything from oil, grease and grime to print, paints, mastik & silicones.Read More

  • Wood Floor Wipes

    Contact NowWood Floor WipesCountless tiny spatulas of our Wood Floor Wipes can scoop up and store dirt until it's washed away. The end result is a clean, smooth surface. Use it wet to emulsify dirt and oil stains, and the fiber will be easier to wipe off. It is highly absorbent, allowing it to clean up spilled liquid very quickly.Read More

  • Multipurpose Wipes

    Contact NowMultipurpose WipesThis multipurpose wipe is widely used in hospitality, household, industrial, healthcare, aged and child care. High absorbing material makes this a superior performance wipe.Read More

  • Industrial Wipes

    Contact NowIndustrial WipesIndustrial Wipe is made in a hydroentangling process with wood pulp and polyester. The product uses a special hydroentangled composite process.Read More

  • Multi Surface Dust Wipes

    Contact NowMulti Surface Dust WipesThe Multi Surface Dust Wipes use natural static electricity to gently pick up dirt and grime from floors with ease. Thick dry cloth conforms to the surface of your floors and grout lines.Read More

  • All Purpose Surface Wipes

    Contact NowAll Purpose Surface WipesOur All Purpose Surface Wipes have the advantages of low toxicity, non - flammable, super safety and low toxicity. It does not irritate the skin, will not react with water or corrosive parts of the acidic liquid, which is suitable for manual field use. It also can do all high technology adhesive surface pretreatment agent, can remove all surface oil stains without leaving a trace.Read More

  • Cleaning Cloths Roll

    Contact NowCleaning Cloths Roll​Cleaning Cloths Roll is a dedicated terminal cleaning wipe cloth developed in China to meet the needs of industries.Read More

  • Food Service Wipes

    Contact NowFood Service WipesRead More

  • Super Absorbent Fabric Cloth

    Contact NowSuper Absorbent Fabric Cloth​In view of the existing technology of knitted soco unit gram, its weight is bigger with the disadvantages of higher cost, less woven dust-free cloth water quantity and low water absorption rate. Our Super Absorbent Fabric Cloth has a soft and clean effect with high water absorption performance, which can be used in the clean room of high cleanliness requirements.Read More