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Will Rayon Wipes Make The Pores Thicker?
Oct 13, 2017

Rayon Wipes face, clean is not complete, it is easy to cause pore obstruction, clean the face is the best flow of cold water wash, if the real conditions can only be used to clean the face with Rayon Wipes, not afraid to waste a few more, remember to use immediately replenishment.
The reasons for the large pores are:
1, living habits, eating habits, such as staying up late, smoking and so on.
2, due to improper cleaning caused by capillary dirt blockage, causing large pores. Skin epidermis basins continue to manufacture cells, and transported to the upper, until the cell aging, the general will naturally fall off. But the pores blocked, the skin metabolism is not smooth, can not fall off as scheduled, resulting in increased pores.
3, due to skin aging caused by skin relaxation aging, causing large pores. With the increase in age, blood makeup improper: smear with irritating cosmetics and long-term use of strong bactericidal strong cream, anti-inflammatory water, will make the pores more serious obstruction, grease excretion does not come out, such as the lack of appropriate care, Will become more and more serious, the more thick pores.
4, the excessive use of the mask: a lot of deep mask first pores, in order to deep into the pores of the oil and dirty out, too much use of deep cleansing mask, will make the pores thick.
Rayon Wipes can only be used as an emergency, MM or do not develop habits, and then Rayon Wipes the quality of the level is very different, bad Rayon Wipes often friction skin is virtually an injury. Beautiful leader of the book can be said to be able to any cleansing auxiliary tools than our hands to the delicate!
There are a lot of people will say how to use Rayon Wipes teaching? This is what we do every day, do not have to learn? Oh, in fact, because we do every day, so will ignore the details and links The
In fact, wash your face is also knowledgeable Oh, to remind you to wash your face inappropriate way to harm our health Oh, especially love long acne girls must pay attention to friends. There is no one useful washbasin wash the habit, and no one felt wash your face with a washbasin, that wash more dirty, and even feel the face pores become thick, with small particles covered in the face?
We know that the water in the washbasin is fixed, will not cause the effect of washing, their hands and face will be dirty things, with washbasin, no matter how you wash, dirty things will stay in the washbasin Let you cycle repeated use, so of course there will be more wash the more dirty feeling. There is the time to wash your face must not use soap Oh, soap will not only stimulate the skin, but also damage our own natural skin protection skin, so do not wash your face with soap Oh.
And then there is hot water, hot water wash the most attention, and many people feel comfortable with hot water, but hot water will completely damage your skin protective film, and Rayon Wipes will accumulate a lot of bacteria, for a long time, the body is Very bad.
More and more people are accustomed to carrying Rayon Wipes, before meals or out of public places, at any time to take out a wipe to replace the hand washing, that this is both easy and hygienic, and even mistakenly think that can be sterilized. However, I would like to remind consumers that Rayon Wipes contains a variety of additives, excessive exposure may cause skin allergies, the best way to disinfect or wash your hands with soap and rinse with water.
Many consumers believe that "Rayon Wipes" as the name suggests should be papery. However, the production of Rayon Wipes is the main raw material is non-woven, the main component is polypropylene grade polypropylene. Therefore, the extensive use of Rayon Wipes not only wasted valuable oil resources, but also easy to break down after the decomposition, easy to cause new "white pollution."
Rayon Wipes liquid content is generally about 80%, the main component of water and additives. To avoid water reacts with the liquid, the water used in Rayon Wipes must be specially treated water such as refined water, pure water, and so on.