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What Are The Characteristics Of Spunlace Non Woven Cleaning Wipes?
Dec 21, 2018

Spunlace Non Woven Cleaning Wipes we basically know, from the word we can basically understand what the dust-free cloth, but can not know what the use of dust-free cloth, not to mention the characteristics of dust-free cloth? Next, let's get to know the characteristics of dust-free cloth.

Spunlace Non Woven Cleaning Wipes is a common fiber. Its quantity is 100% single-layer polyester fiber. It has ultra-fine fibers, which is 75% Taenia plus 25% nylon.

If divided according to weaving method, dust-free cloth can be divided into S-plain weaving and D-knitting; if done according to edge sealing, it can be divided into non-edge sealing (cold cutting), laser edge sealing, ultrasonic narrow edge sealing (through the extrusion of cutting tools, this kind of edge sealing is the most perfect edge sealing method in the current dust-free cloth cutting method), ultrasonic wide edge pressing and thermal cutting edge sealing, and so on. It can also be tailored to other specifications of dust-free cloth according to the requirements of customers.

Spunlace Non Woven Cleaning Wipes are made of 100% continuous polyester double-woven fabric with a very soft surface. The function is: it can be used to wipe the surface of sensitive objects. In the process of test rubbing, it can achieve low dust production, and rub out the fibers without falling off. It has good water absorption and clean functional efficiency. This comparison is particularly applicable in the dust-free purification workshop.

Dustless cloth, dustless wipe cloth, superfine fibre dustless cloth, in the edge of superfine fibre wipe cloth, is sealed by the most advanced edge trimmer, it can be wiped without leaving any particles and unnecessary threads, and the ability to remove stains is also strong. Dust-free cloth can be used on both sides of the fused edge sealing, while the other two sides of the thermal edge sealing method, or four sides of the fused edge sealing method, which can provide better edge protection.

At the same time, Spunlaced non-woven cleaning towel and dust-free cloth have the following characteristics, dust-free wipe cloth, dust-free cloth detailed introduction:

Spunlaced non-woven cleaning towel is made of 100% polyester fibers. It has soft surface, easy to wipe sensitive surface, no fibers are removed by friction, and has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. The cleaning and packaging of the products are completed in the super-clean workshop. Dust-free cloth selectable edge sealing is generally: cold cutting, laser edge sealing, ultrasonic edge sealing. Ultra-fine fibre dust-free cloth is generally sealed with laser and ultrasonic perfectly.

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