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To The Mother To Choose A Variety Of Baby Polyester Wipes Experience
Aug 11, 2017

To the mother to choose a variety of baby Polyester Wipes experience
 Newly born neonatal skin is particularly delicate  every time after the toilet is best to use the baby wet wipes wipe. Like wet wipes such things to keep intimate contact with the newborn  novice parents pick the time must be careful  in order to avoid unpleasant to the baby also bring trouble to the family's life. That when the choice of neonatal wet tissue  to pay attention to what?  especially dedicated to the prospective father after the mother   come together to learn about it 
1. Note that the ingredients of the wet tissue are essential for the quality of the wet tissue. Do not underestimate the size of the Polyester Wipes inside the contents of the  can be in order to achieve the needs of the product moisture, moisture, sterilization The effect of the brand of Polyester Wipes to add the ingredients are different  some good for the baby  some bad not bad  some ingredients but will hurt the baby  so  mother at the time of purchase do not ignore this aspect. Baby Polyester Wipes can not add alcohol, flavor, irritation, fluorescent agent and so on.
  2. Note that we choose the wet paper towel when we must look at its packaging seal. Because the packaging seal is good, then keep the Polyester Wipes sterilization effect of the effectiveness of high. Bagged Polyester Wipes should be sealed in the packaging must not be damaged; boxed and canned Polyester Wipes packaging should also be complete  no damage. Novice parents in the use of Polyester Wipes after  to immediately affixed a good seal to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight caused by Polyester Wipes dry and affect its use effect.
  3. Note that the feel and smell of wet tissue there are many different types and brands. Different wet wipes are very different in terms of feel and smell. Some of the Polyester Wipes are very dense  some very soft  some smell aromatic some basic no smell. I suggest that the mother is best to buy a more soft and solid feel no scented Polyester Wipes. Choose baby Polyester Wipes will choose more soft  children with more comfortable.
  4. Concerned about product information prospective mother is best to look at the wet tissue product information. This includes the date of manufacture, manufacturer, site, telephone, shelf life, active ingredient, production lot number, hygiene license number, health standard number, instructions and precautions. These can also be from the side to understand the quality and credibility of the product. So if the new mother found that the information is incomplete or more vague  the best not to buy. In the first purchase when the best to buy a small package of the trial several times  observe the baby's skin there is no bad reaction  if the baby on this wet tissue product no adverse reflection  can be assured to buy, the major businesses are There are baby Polyester Wipes trial package  after the trial feel good  now has been in use.
5. Attention to the sensory qualified Polyester Wipes with soft, elegant taste, texture white, after use will not fluff.
6. Italian irritation Do not use Polyester Wipes directly Sassafras eyes, middle ear and mucous membrane, such as the use of Polyester Wipes after skin redness, itching, irritation and other symptoms, should immediately stop using, serious should go to the hospital emergency The Dedicated to the younger generation of parents wish everyone's children grow up healthy
Polyester Wipes the sealing is very important, especially in large packaging wet wipes, if the sealing is not good, with a long time, the water is evaporated, wet towels if not wet can not play its role The. So, when I buy Polyester Wipes, it will observe its packaging to see if it is good sealing.
Wet towel water content is too small, cleanliness is not enough, how rub the feeling is not clean clean, too much water is not good, the baby's ass on the dirty thing is wiped off, but the ass is still wet, In addition to dry paper towels to remove the excess water, very troublesome.
Deal with the baby's poo, of course, need to quickly and easily "helper", but used some Polyester Wipes, extraction is very inconvenient, or even take out a few sheets, and sometimes out too much, and do not go back, Or is to open the seal is not convenient, half a day to extract one, which is very annoying in use.
Polyester Wipes in addition to cleaning the stains, but also to protect the baby's skin, some Polyester Wipes rubbed on the skin after the feeling dry, just like the feeling of washing with water, which will make your baby very uncomfortable , So I generally choose those who contain natural skin care ingredients wet tissue, this wet wipes rubbed on the skin feel very moist, my mother before the baby can use their own first try to wipe it.