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Proper Use Of Methods Of Cleaning Wipes
Jan 27, 2016

1, a towel or rag.

Is a frequent cleaning and maintenance tool, is used to wipe the dirt from the dust and attached to the article, almost every household has several different cloths, cleaning and maintenance work, only two kinds of cloth, namely, a damp cloth and a dry cloth. Requirements for rag: towel, cotton quality, texture, fluffy, soft, absorbent and strong. Sizes usually 35x15CM, color is light blue, light green, white, etc.

Requires that dishtowels, wet rags have obvious differences:

1) wet cloth while in use, level required for ni_mpdd moist is moist, but soaking wet, tighten the water dripping is not allowed. It has two effects:

(1) wipe the surface dust, do not let the dust kicked up in the maintenance.

(2) wipe off the surface of the water stain, water, a wet rag in the water surface tension of the water drain.

2) dry cloth when in use, as needed, in use are found in moist to wet to be replaced. Its role: to wipe a wet cloth surface left after the wet dirt, water stains, and achieve the goal of completely clean.

Cloth in use before folding, fold, fold again. Its area is one-eighth, first with the first one-eighth wipe the area, after the pollution by dust, and then open the folds of cloth, and then wipe the inside of one-eighth, and so on.

But in the use of mind in the Palm side is clean. Main reasons are:

(1) erase stains left in the cloth in dust, water, the dirt may have a corrosive substance, not direct contact with the hands.

(2) keep the hands clean and not contaminated by dirt, I'll get the dirty surface. After contaminated rags must be immediately replaced, cleaned, with detergent after descaling, rinse clean, cool and dry (when cleaning, clean to keep rags, water quality, must not use dirty cleaning cloth or sewage). Fold the towel on to one-fourth, then fold it into one-eighth, wipe off the dust on the surface of an object in sequential order; cleaning process: note that to keep your towels and water to clean, wash towels.