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Polyester Wipes The Development Prospects
Jun 08, 2017

Polyester Wipes The development prospects
Many companies just try to enter the polyester wipes market, and did not put it as a completely independent product category to push, at the same time, because it is not the same as the ordinary paper towel market, as people's necessities, so the overall market Sales, manufacturers to promote investment and consumer awareness of its many restrictions, polyester wipes market from the real independent market there are still some distance. "But we must see that in recent years the consumer of the degree of spontaneous acceptance of polyester wipes has gradually matured, do more business, buy more people, polyester wipes market is facing a great opportunity.

The industry predicts that China's polyester wipes market is in the "blowout padding period", will be a small thing to break the ice and promote the growth of the industry. Can the special period of the flu become a little thing? Most of the domestic types of polyester wipes are also limited to ordinary clean, antibacterial polyester wipes category, and the world, especially in North America, Europe and other developed countries and regions, the type of polyester wipes far beyond the domestic people's cognitive range, Table disinfection polyester wipes is a popular in foreign countries has just emerged in the domestic example. Therefore, the domestic polyester wipes market is also ready to international standards. Companies also understand that market trends can not control, once the rise of polyester wipes market, they have to quickly follow up. In this sense, polyester wipes category market detonated, just a matter of time sooner or later.
Polyester wipes as before and after 2000 to enter China's "exotic", although the domestic market, relatively low penetration rate of polyester wipes, is still in high demand before the brewing period, but in recent years has shown to accelerate the momentum of development.

With the increase in income of our residents year by year, the middle class and young people, white-collar family groups continue to grow, lifestyle changes, consumption structure from the survival of consumption to the development of consumption, from traditional consumption to new consumer upgrades, health concepts, clean awareness With the increase, which has become China's polyester wipes the rapid growth of the important macro-based market. Therefore, it is expected that the future growth rate of China's polyester wipes market continues to be in the forefront of the world, polyester wipes market share of the global proportion is expected to increase year by year.

According to the China Paper Industry Association paper professional committee statistics, from 2011 to 2015, China's polyester wipes market size from 1.36 billion yuan to 2.99 billion yuan, the annual compound rate of 21.77%. Among them, China's polyester wipes in 2014 the size of 2.43 billion yuan, about 400 million US dollars, accounting for the proportion of the world about 2.9%, compared with 2009 increased by 0.5 percentage points. China's polyester wipes market is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth in the future.