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Mother For The Baby To Buy Soft Viscose Wipes Should Pay Attention To What?
Sep 05, 2017

Mother for the baby to buy soft Viscose Wipes should pay attention to what?
1. The seal is better
The tightness of the Viscose Wipes is very important, especially in large bags of wet tissue, if the seal is not good, with a long time, the water is evaporated, wet paper towel if not wet it can not play it should The role of the. So, when I buy Viscose Wipes, it will observe its packaging to see if it is a good seal.
2. moderate water content is better
Wet paper towels too little water content, cleanliness is not enough, how rub the feeling is not clean clean, too much water is not good, the baby's ass on the dirty things are wiped off, but the ass is still wet, In addition to dry paper towels to remove the excess water, very troublesome.
3. Easy to extract
Deal with the baby's poo, of course, need to facilitate the "helper", but used some Viscose Wipes, extraction is very inconvenient, or even take out a few sheets, and sometimes out too much, and do not go back , Or is sealed open inconvenient, half a day to extract one, which is very annoying in use.
4. Moisture is also important
Viscose Wipes in addition to cleaning the stains, but also to protect the baby's skin, some Viscose Wipes rubbed on the skin after the feeling dry, just like the feeling of washing with water, which will make the baby Uncomfortable, so I generally choose those with natural skin care ingredients wet towel, this wet wipes rub on the skin feel very moist, my mother before the use of the baby can try to wipe yourself.
We usually have to pay attention to the baby's health, small hands and took a dirty thing to wipe, drooling to wipe, eat food to eat dirty dirty, before and after feeding to wipe, with hand mouth Viscose Wipes The place is so much! The Ever since, everywhere is the mouth of the Viscose Wipes, and some used, and dare not re-use, was thrown, in fact, the sisters can be collected up yo ~ ~ because the little mouth stickers wipes used in real A lot of yo ~ ~ tofu is: the use of the mouth is not particularly dirty Viscose Wipes are collected, and then use deodorant hand sanitizer to wash well, and then into the disinfection pot disinfection, disinfection finished dry Dry or dried into the preservation bag. So what can be used again?
For example: 1, rub the floor, wipe the table, the toilet ---- with two or more than two Viscose Wipes, after the overlap is equivalent to a small rag, baby viscose wet wipes to the ground after a step, Feet to wipe the floor again ~ ~ ~ dry then then take 2 ~ ~ anyway is re-use, it is convenient yo ~ ~ ~ 2, wash bowl ---- this is very convenient yo, when not sterile can also be used , Anyway, is the mouth of what, used to clean the dishes yo! Dispose of a one-time run. 3, wash bottle ---- this method is so easy to use, we are not that the milk bottle of milk is very oil, hot water is not clean? With detergent, then feel uncomfortable? The Tofu to teach you a trick yo, first with hot water over the bottle, pour out, then put a little hot water, try to heat about, and then into the clean Viscose Wipes, water, do not have a little no Viscose Wipes You can, and then tighten the cap, ok, shake it, up and down, left and right, shake a few times, and then paste the wet wipes and bottles together, and then hot water over, how , Clean it ha ha ~ ~ ~ usually wash a 5 bottle no problem, to the back of the Viscose Wipes will change the oil, then for a chanting ~ ~ ~ 4, the baby bath, wash your face because of my baby In the month will be done on the month, where the Viscose Wipes are used to wash your face, we feel very convenient, but also very health, not hurt the skin, more comfortable than the towel! So still in use today. Generally we wash with a piece, take a bath with 2, a piece of rub will throw away, after washing did not throw away the two can wipe the floor or something, free play Ha ~ ~ 5, my mother wash their own face --- - from the beginning of my high school I do not have a basic towel to wash their faces, are hand, do not hurt the skin Well, facial care when the original must use the remover cotton to go horny, personally feel that Viscose Wipes have been used Rub the baby's face, more moderate, his face is also like a baby so wipe, quite comfortable, and then do a mask or rub a milk, comfortable and comfortable ~ ~ ~