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How To Identify The Inferior Cellulose Wipes
Jul 20, 2017

How to identify the inferior Cellulose Wipes

The Cellulose Wipes in the market can be divided into two categories: one class is disinfected by itself, but it can't disinfect other items, which contain the skin care component, which can only be used for skin care.

Be disinfection, another kind is not only itself but also for other items can also be used with the function of disinfection disinfection wet wipes, cellulose can be used to make skin abrasions, scratches and other disinfection or sterilization, general will indicate the disinfection or sterilization in packaging components. Can be seen, go out best chooses the disinfection cellulose towel that has sterilization function.

When the choose and buy to distinguish good and bad Cellulose Wipes, high-quality fiber wipes there will be a kind of downy elegant fragrance, no excitant odour, wipes and inferior cellulose has obvious irritating smell. Generally speaking, high quality Cellulose Wipes are made of non-woven fabric, and the texture is soft and white, without any impurities, and the inferior Cellulose Wipes can have obvious impurities. In the use, the quality cellulose wet towel does not have the hair, the inferior cellulose wet towel has the obvious hair, has the stimulation effect to the skin, the feeling that makes the person produces the itch easily.

Need to pay attention to is, disinfection Cellulose Wipes have a shelf life, shelf life, sterilization of the ingredient will reduce, therefore, before use to see whether Cellulose Wipes in the warranty period. Also, note that the purchased Cellulose Wipes must be licensed by the health department. If these conditions are available, the Cellulose Wipes you buy will be foolproof.

How to differentiate cellulose wet towel

1. Put the Cellulose Wipes on the edge of your nose and smell it. If it is a high quality Cellulose Wipes, we can smell a soft, quietly elegant flavor without any irritation. If it is a bag of inferior Cellulose Wipes, we can smell a clear pungent smell when we smell it.

2. High-quality Cellulose Wipes are made of high quality raw materials. We can see that there is no spinning white and no impurities. Cellulose Wipes them and inferior raw material is very poor, we can see that it has obvious impurity, high quality fiber wipes in use process, there will be no apparent fluffiness, wipes and inferior cellulose in use process has obvious fluffiness.

3. After removing the Cellulose Wipes, if the cellulose wet towel has been mouldy and mildew, the Cellulose Wipes should not be used. If you feel the irritation of your skin during the use of a Cellulose Wipes, you should stop using it immediately, so as not to cause greater harm.