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Does Non Woven Cleaning Wipes Be Hazardous To The Skin?
Sep 25, 2017

Does Non Woven Cleaning Wipes be hazardous to the skin?
Non Woven Cleaning Wipes are easy to carry, do not take up space, is essential for girls to go out when the daily necessities. There are many non-Woven Cleaning Wipes that are not irritating on the supermarket when the supermarket is purchased, but the non Woven Cleaning Wipes is really mild and does not hurt the skin? Take a look at the ingredients!
Non Woven Cleaning Wipes is the general composition of non-woven fabrics. Water, additives. While most additives contain chemicals. Non Woven Cleaning Wipes is no exception, whether it is ordinary Non Woven Cleaning Wipes or baby Non Woven Cleaning Wipes, contain a common raw material propylene glycol, its damage to the skin is relatively large.
Propylene glycol It is a kind of easy to penetrate into the skin of petrochemical solvents, the harm to the body can not be ignored. It will accumulate in the heart, liver and kidney, causing them to distort and damage, but also weaken the immune system. In addition, it can damage the cell membrane, causing rash, dry skin, contact dermatitis and skin surface damage. In the life of many people for the convenience of the map, will give their children use Non Woven Cleaning Wipes. I do not know that this will hurt the small body also.
If you often use Non Woven Cleaning Wipes and then take something to eat, it will lead to toxic substances into the gastrointestinal tract, there are security risks In addition, propylene glycol solubility, about 5% of people will have allergic reactions, long-term use of the skin cause some damages. Many pediatricians do not recommend parents to use their own children Non Woven Cleaning Wipes or hand-washing hands.
Hope to read this article, like to use Non Woven Cleaning Wipes friends can reduce their use. Has been to reduce pollution, and secondly is better to protect themselves and their families in good health.
 More and more people are accustomed to carrying Non Woven Cleaning Wipes, before meals or out of public places, at any time to take out a wipe to replace the hand washing, that this is both easy and hygienic, and even mistakenly believe that can be sterilized. However, I would like to remind consumers that Non Woven Cleaning Wipes contains a variety of additives, excessive exposure may cause skin allergies, the best method of disinfection or hand washing with soap and rinse with water.
     Many consumers believe that "Non Woven Cleaning Wipes" as the name suggests should be papery. However, the production of Non Woven Cleaning Wipes is the main raw material is non-woven, the main component is polypropylene grade polypropylene. Therefore, the extensive use of Non Woven Cleaning Wipes not only wasted valuable oil resources, but also easy to break down after disposal, easy to cause new "white pollution."
     Non Woven Cleaning Wipes liquid content is generally about 80%, the main component of water and additives. In order to avoid water and chemical reaction, Non Woven Cleaning Wipes used in the water must be specially treated water such as refined water, pure water and so on.
     There are many types of additives, including moisturizers such as propylene glycol, can help the effective solution in the liquid dissolved in water, so that the water is not volatile; preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, etc., can keep Non Woven Cleaning Wipes in the activity of various substances; antibacterial agents such as sodium lactate, eucalyptus leaves, etc., to eliminate and inhibit the bacteria in the hand sanitizer; surfactants such as polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polyether, etc., used to remove dirt and grease, To achieve a clean effect.
     As Non Woven Cleaning Wipes contains a variety of additives, contact with excessive preservatives, alcohol and other chemical composition, easily lead to contact dermatitis and other skin allergies. And most people use Non Woven Cleaning Wipes will not wash their hands, chemical ingredients will remain in the hands, especially for children. A study in the United States also shows that, when repeated use of Non Woven Cleaning Wipes, not only can not clear the bacteria, but will be some of the bacteria transferred to the uncontaminated surface. So be careful, it is best to wipe a new surface for a paper towel, do not use it to wipe the eyes and other sensitive parts.
     In general, we wash her hands with soap, basically can kill all the bacteria on the hands, coupled with the flow of water rinsing, roundworm eggs can be washed away, and the use of Non Woven Cleaning Wipes no such a good effect The
     In this to remind consumers, be sure to clear Non Woven Cleaning Wipes can not completely replace the role of washing hands with soap. In the purchase of Non Woven Cleaning Wipes, the first should try to large shopping malls and supermarkets to buy, choose manufacturers reputable, quality certification of products; Secondly, should also try to use each piece has an independent small package Non Woven Cleaning Wipes, If you choose to use non-Woven Cleaning Wipes, after each run should be sealed, run out as soon as possible to avoid the active ingredient volatile.