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Cellulose Wipes Can Produce A Variety Of Specifications 1, 2 Pieces And Multi-chip Wipes
May 15, 2017

Cellulose Wipes Our company specializes in producing disposable wet towels, non-woven wipes. Cellulose wipes 10 years of production and management has accumulated a wealth of market experience. Products are improving.

Several hotels from the opening has been the development of nearly a thousand catering business customers. The company hired a professional wipes production technical staff check. So that each of our wipes are competitive.

Over the years the quality of life as a business. Excellent quality has been a lot of customers praise, but also to my company has been such as; Taizhou Hotel, Sheraton, Hong An International, and many other star hotel business. In order to better serve our customers we have established a service center, every day with you to keep in touch at any time. 2007 and the introduction of a number of automatic production equipment, can produce a variety of specifications 1, 2 pieces and multi-chip wipes. The price of the product is higher.

The purpose of the company's services: customer first, quality first, is willing to foreign friends to visit our company cooperation. New year, create brilliant.

    Cellulose Wipes The company is the production of disposable compressed towels, cellulose wipes with wipes and provide commercial paper, chopsticks sets, paper bags, toothpicks, one-time package box company. Now the factory in Beijing, Chengdu, Tianjin are equipped with branches. The company was established in April 2013, into the origin is located in Beijing's Shunyi District Liqiao town, close to the capital airport. Plant covers an area of over 3,000 square meters, construction area of nearly 2,000 square meters. Factories equipped with various types of production equipment, testing equipment, various types of sanitation and disinfection facilities, co-production hardware to meet and exceed the national health sector on the disposable hygiene products manufacturing enterprises environmental health requirements. In order to meet the requirements of increasing orders for customers in an up-to-date manner, the production response speed and product quality are improved. The company has made great efforts to improve the factory layout, production capacity and process. The cellulose wipes purchase logistics vehicles, optimize the production process, To achieve a zero inventory production, that is, the day the customer orders, the next day to arrange production, delivery again, to ensure product quality, freshness and timely distribution. The production can be based on the needs of their customers, like to customize various types of wipes, compressed towels, welcomed the new and old customers call or to plant negotiations. You only need to tell us your request, we will listen carefully, carefully serve, to provide you with the best solution and the best quality service.

    Cellulose Wipes The company is a "quality first, customer first" corporate culture, to meet the needs of the market at the same time, continue to increase investment and R & D efforts to uphold innovation, keep making progress in scientific research, towards a better and stronger goal ; So that each product has a better quality and more security at the same time pay more attention to environmental protection, to ensure that products from natural to nature. The company's "water Zizi" brand products adhering to the "commitment to the healthy growth of the baby," the value of the concept, adhere to the selection of high-quality raw materials production of infant series of products, strict control of the product, so that the baby with the rest assured; for the baby's health Grow, pay a effort to a responsibility.