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100% Pure Wood Pulp Wipes Is Not Necessarily The Best
Jun 05, 2017

 "100% pure wood pulp wipes" is not necessarily the best When you use a paper towel to wipe his mouth, when the hand, seemingly clean paper towel is also possible to bring more bacteria to you. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce issued the "2012 annual circulation of paper products quality monitoring results", in the toilet paper, sanitary napkins, paper towels (including wipes), baby diapers, paper cups 5 kinds of paper products, a total of 43 kinds of substandard products The

  Woodpulp Wipes Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau commissioned the National Paper Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis and Testing Center, the market sales of paper products for quality monitoring, the results show that Nepalese floating handkerchief paper and other products, softness, Baby and other brands of toilet paper product identification does not meet the requirements, and than the Xuan licensing standard cotton sponge sanitary napkins, Jiujia good health hygiene wipes, Famen Temple brand life paper and other 6 products were detected bacteria or fungi exceeded. Has always been used as a sanitation and hygiene products are not "health", which makes many consumers panic God. How to choose, the use of tissue paper?

  Toilet paper: milky white, can not afford to powder is good paper

  Woodpulp Wipes The state stipulates that the toilet paper, especially the toilet paper, is different from the hygienic standard for the tissue paper. The total number of bacteria and colonies in the former requires less than 600 per gram and the latter should be less than 200 per gram. So it is not possible to use toilet paper as a wiping or wiping mouth. International Food Packaging Association, said the Secretary-General Dong Jinshi, under normal circumstances, good toilet paper should be milky white, paper is not rough, no holes or impurities, the use will not fall off powder. Some of the bulk of the sale of toilet paper, due to the demolition of the packaging, the lack of proper protection, easy to contaminate bacteria, it is recommended not to buy.

  Tissue paper: "100% pure wood pulp" is not necessarily the best

  Many people think that wood pulp to do the paper is more natural, is the best, it is not. Paper towels, napkins production of raw materials mainly cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, white side (unprinted paper edge), which is the best pulp, wood pulp followed, straw pulp and white side of the poor The Some "pure wood pulp" is actually recycled paper, the state provides recycled paper can not be used for the production of paper towels. Dong Jinshi remind, paper towels can not be too white; the overlapping paper towels after stripping, each single layer without holes; tear can not have obvious drop paper powder; wet after wring dry, spread out no obvious damage The

  Wet tissue: sticky may be harmful to the body

  Woodpulp Wipes As the Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau of the spot checks, the market part of the name of "health wipes", "clean wipes" under the banner of the product may still bacteria, fungi exceeded. Dong Jinshi said that the general wet towel can not meet the requirements of disinfection, and many wipes will add alcohol, flavor and preservative ingredients, easy to bring security risks. Therefore, with wet paper towels to clean the effect of hand is far less than hand washing. If the wipes have a strange taste, it is possible to add a disinfectant and other ingredients, to be careful choice. If the wipes are too sticky, indirect contact with food may be harmful to humans. In addition, the purchase must pay attention to the name of the production company, the implementation of standards, production date, effective date and other information is complete.