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Polyester non-woven cloth and ordinary non-woven fabrics acupuncture what is the difference?

Source: | Updated: Jan 28, 2016

Common non-woven cloth (English name: Non Woven), also known as nonwovens, are targeted or random fibres that are formed, a new generation of environmentally-friendly materials, moisture, not combustion breathable, flexible, light weight, and easy to break down, toxic irritant-free, color-rich, low price, you can recycle and so on. Such as the use of polypropylene (pp material) aggregates as raw material by high temperature melting, spinning, accessory classes, hot yajuan takes continuous steps together. Because of its appearance and some properties of the cloth and call it. Polyester needle-bonded cloth belongs to the series of terylene punched felt filter material used non-woven needle-punched process and heat setting and other treatment method, widely used for industrial dust catcher, dust control, and so on.

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