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Endless spunlaced nonwovens
Jan 27, 2016

For many years, spunlace nonwovens market has almost become synonymous with wipes. The technology of ebb and flow like wipes market almost mirrors, when the wipes market development, spunlace non-woven cloth is also expanding, and when the slowdown in the growth of wipes, and investments in the nonwoven technology slowdown.

This is thanks in large part to wipes market demand-driven. Consumers in their daily lives now has many types of wipes as a necessity. From tried and tested baby wipes to floor cleaning such as Swiffer wipes and cleansing or facial cleaning wipes, which are deeply rooted, spunlace non-woven fabrics will continue to be driven by the market. According to industry statistics, to grow at annual rate of growth in the market in recent years has brought major manufacturers a return on investment.

Wipes are still laced the main driving force of the market, which over the past decade to maintain a heading of last years growth. Taking into account the main consumers of the product-the size of the middle class, we see no reason for this growth will slow, and it is expected that the market will expand rapidly in the coming decades. 

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